Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Suits TV Show

I bought Suits Season 1 DVD months ago and finally had the time to catch up with my TV Show marathon during my Christmas break. Sounds quite sad to how I spent most of my holiday break but I could not remember the last time I did one of these marathons. I'm now on Season 2 and the show did not disappoint. What's not to love? Attractive, well-dressed casting, sleek office interior and intelligent story line, I'm sold. 

Harvey Spencer shows how three-piece suit should be worn.

Harvey's office - sleek, modern, leather, chrome and a hint of personal collections of sign baseballs, basketballs and his record collection.

Sitting area. When was the last time you entered an office and it looked as cool as this? Our imagination of definition of "cool office" is corrupted by tech companies in Silicon Valley who make us believe that high-IQ adults working in the office wants a child-playground with crazy accent coloured walls, pool/fusbal table and bean bag chairs. This is what professional office environment should be and I guarantee increased productivity.

Tasteful art 

Art punctuated sleek grey/blue office walls

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