Sunday, November 3, 2013

Vacheron Constantin Malte

I was in Singapore recently and we all know Singapore is a city of high fashion and materialism at its best. One thing I like about Singapore is watch-spotting and I spotted a lady that caught my eye - it was a passing moment but her watch caught my eye. What caught my eye was her chicness in fashion sense and also her watch not just a watch but a sleek tonneau-shaped watch, which upon 'investigation' turned out to be a Vacheron Constantin - Malte watch - Simply elegant, understated, this will most definitely to be my next watch.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Swedish Fashion

Having just returned from a vacation in Sweden, I am so inspired and impressed with Swedish fashion. They ooze casual and chic, nothing I have seen before, except for maybe Japan.

Here's a quick video from Derek Blasberg.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


One of any sophisticated gentlemen must-have watches is no other than the Reverso. I like how the model name - Reverso, brand is strong enough to be mentioned on its own and immediately associated with the historic Jaegar-LeCoultre brand among the well-educated watch lovers. 

I have been craving for the Reverso Ultra Thin - Tribute to 1931 edition. The watch is divine, oozes sophistication while being minimalistic and sleek. I have not seen the watch in person but from photos, it has caught my attention and I can only imagine seeing it in person will make me succumb and hand over my credit card immediately, something I'm not yet ready to do....for financial reasons. 

With the Tribute 1931, JLC also released a "Rouge" version, which after researching, was how the original Reverso was presented, in red enamel. Photos are from Hodinkee, my favourite watch blog. Now out of a sudden, I have a strong liking to the Rogue version, but I need to see the watch in person to make a decision, Currently I am very much in love with the US Edition, limited edition with vintage hands. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

3 Shoes to bring to Vacations for men

Let's be honest, we put so little thought into what shoes to bring during vacation and it's no surprise fact that shoes make an outfit. So, do put some thoughts into what to pack into your precious space in your Rimowa suitcase. You may not care much about fashion but please be considerate and respectful to the well-heeled residents of the cities you visit who will be traumatised with your choice of attire or crocs.

  1. Let's be realistic here, I'm not going to be pretentious and say you should bring a pair of proper dress shoes. You are on vacation and the last thing on your mind is put on a pair of uncomfortable shoes and more importantly, you do not want to damage the sole of your precious Church's shoes in a day with the amount of walking you do when you walk around your city of choice. Also, have you ever worn a dress shoes on a long flight? The size of your feet expands to the size of an elephant feet and your pair of shoes can no longer fit. Have you ever woken up to head to the breakfast buffet and have nothing to wear apart from your dress shoes and the last thing you want to do is dress up? Yep. which is why, your first shoes to bring is:


a comfortable pair of sneakers, but still makes an impact to show you care about fashion in a subtle way.You'll feel confident when you are shopping at Ginza and no one will think that you are too poor to be shopping here/does not belong. You can wear this pair during travel and you are guaranteed not to be mistaken for a drug dealer by customs and be given better service by the air crew. 

Oliver Spencer Loafers

For hanging at the cafe with trousers rolled up with bare ankles and this shoe is versatile enough to be worn with shirt and blazers for dressy/classy restaurants for the Michelin star restaurants you always wanted to visit. After dinner, you can always have a night cap and head to a classy bar and still look trendy and stylish.

A sports sneaker, a pair of shoes that can withstand squats you do at the morning workouts during your vacation. You're on vacation but still want to feel fit and guilt free while you eat all the delicious food the city have to offer. On alternate workout days, you can go on a run through city of Paris (if you are visiting Paris) and be amazed by the serenity of the city at 6am.