Friday, November 16, 2012

iMac coming soon

I lost count with how old my iMac is. Time for an upgrade in December? The new super-slim iMac. Apple.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Luxury Life of Dubai

If you have 45 minutes, watch the lives of rich and glamour in Dubai - presented by Piers Morgan. Don't you have that intense sensation deep inside you that it's you one day?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bill Amberg

I always thought any self-respecting men over the age of 30 should be forbidden to carry a backpack... Until I saw this backpack from Bill Amberg - I have been looking around for a bag because I am sick of seeing everyone carrying Tumi, my current work bag and I don't feel like it is my style to carry a formal leather briefcase/messenger bag. I placed an order via emailing Bill Amberg and it got shipped to my via their store in Mayfair, London - free shipping!
It is a bit of a smaller side but I think it'd be handy when I travel so my shoulder doesn't ache with heavy laptop. It is also their best-selling backpack so there was a big of a wait list to get the bag.


I was in Singapore last week and my colleague who just moved to Singapore brought me to Kinki. It was at Customs House and it is an edgy Japanese themed bar + restaurant. On the rooftop, the view was to die for - the undisrupted view of Marina Bay Sands and the CBD.
Restaurant's feature Koi flooring
Japanese art deco and the food didn't disappoint too!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Art of Packing

I have flown close to 200,000 miles this year. From Vancouver to Manila, tropical to cold, rainy to sunny and I am first to admit that I am terrible at packing. I usually bring a lot more than I actually need and I need to bring 3 pair of shoes - one for Gym, Dress shoes and a pair of casual shoes. For this post, let's look at how the stylish travel. TYLER BRÛLÉ'S 10 RULES ON PACKING 1. There's no such thing as check-in. Carry-on -- always. 2. You can usually carry on one extra bag if you ask nicely -- at least in Europe. 3. Three days, three months: it's all the same when it comes to packing. Hotels have laundry service for a reason. 4. No logos. Discreet is far superior to bling, particularly in less secure destinations. 5. Always pack a collapsible tote for shopping and in-flight material like magazines, toiletry kits, slippers et al. 6. Overlook bags by Porter, Herve Chapelier, Globe-Trotter, Coperto and Valextra at your own peril. 7. Consider the safari jacket (Helmut Lang or Alberto Aspesi); it is an excellent all-round, all-weather garment. 8. Opt for Peter Geeson knitwear in single-ply lamb's-wool; it's multiseasonal. 9. Always ask your laundry service to fold and bag shirts rather than hang them. 10. Dop kits (nylon over leather) are best kept small, as size imposes discipline. From New York Times

Financial Times + Tyler Brule + Monocle

I've been traveling a lot - from Shanghai, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore in a few weeks. Every time I fly Singapore Airlines, I look forward to reading a copy of Financial Times - whilst the journalism in the English paper is excellent, I most look forward to Tyler Brule's column the Fast Lane. I had no idea who he was but I just loved his column. He has impeccable taste in everything fine in life and his high flying career is the career I dreamed of. As I followed him more, I found out that he is founder of Wallpaper* magazine which was subsequently sold to Times and he has since started a new magazine - called Monocle. It didn't take me long to get a copy of the magazine when I saw it in a newsstand in Singapore. Reading the magazine will transport you to the world that is out there and gives you an overall brief on what's cool and relevant that is on offer in the world. Here is a video by Monocle featuring Melbourne's coffee great coffee culture