Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pullman Bangkok

I was in Bangkok last week for business and stayed at the Pullman's. It was my first experience staying at the Pullman's and it was quite pleasant. The hotel was very contemporary and I really liked its landscape. The room was average and generic, so nothing too exciting there.

seating area Infinity Pool

Koi pond in the garden. I really like the Asian influence in its hotel design.

nicely landscaped garden at ground floor.

Infinity pool with Lotus.

The hotel lobby decor was very minimalistic and modern. I like how they line up the orchids on a straight line for a clean, minimalistic look.

Breakfast area

the ensuite was too generic for my liking.

same goes with the room, it looked bland and generic. Nothing too exciting there.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bose Soundbar & Apple TV

A while ago, I blogged about my intentions wanting to purchase a Bose CineMate in the US. Well, I bought it and got it set up at my home.

I had to ask the electrician to come and hide the wires and the optical cable was a pain in the ass to insert because the wall is mounted so close to the TV.

I love it and with combination of Apple TV, it is a match made in heaven. I can watch YouTube projected HD on my LED TV and the sound quality from Bose, listen to Internet radio etc etc!

On a another note, I'm tired of Australian retailers whinging and complaining how their businesses are deteriorating. Just take a look at department stores like Myer or David Jones, their stock is pathetic with 200-300% markup margins and the stores themselves are not inviting and ugly. I rarely shop in Australia unless they are big item stuff that cannot be shipped overseas.

Who in the sound mind that is well educated would spend their hard earned money in Australian retailers when EXACT same good sold overseas are like $500 cheaper. I purchased this sound system in the US with savings of around $500! Ridiculous!