Sunday, June 9, 2013

Marc Aculert

Marc Aculert's home in Paris is minimalistic, chic and balanced. Paris is a city where the energy is enough to make most things magical and stunning with minimal effort. According to NY Times, Mr Marc is a jewellery designer where he combines museum-worthy pieces and reinvent the into eccentric jewellery. I am more interested in his interior, with happy pop of orange, rustic cart wheel from Thailand to de-sterilized, otherwise bland and sterile environment.  

Photos from NY Times

Saint Laurent flagship in SoHo New York

Photo from NY Times
I followed Hedi Slimane's career when he injected androgynous into Dior homme and turned the fashion house around - he's about to do the same with YSL, with his bold move to change the brand which has a long history. I think he took the bulls by the horn and relive the respectable fashion house and make it contemporary again. 

Creative retail space is another factor that is just as important as the collection fashion designer designs every season - Hedi designs this flagship store with monochromatic natural marble, chrome and punctuated with antiques.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mackintosh Storm System Cotton Bomber Jacket

Mr Porter  is offering free express shipping world wide again and I am itching to get this amazing bomber jacket from Scottish brand - Mackintosh. It's a rare find nowadays to find anything that is not Made in China.

As usual, I have a weak spot with stripes and Navy - I have been eyeing on this jacket for the longest time. As 'winter' ascends upon us in the southern hemisphere, I need to get a jacket that is not too warm and flexible enough for me to last into spring. Winter in Australia is just not cold enough for me to wear wool coats. I find myself extremely agitated and sweating when I wear jackets that are too warm and when you step heated indoors it's just torture.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bang & Olufsen

Wanting this so bad!

Men's Accessories

I have never been an 'accessories' type of person so to speak - never been interested in rings, bracelets and the only accessory I would invest in is a handsome watch.

Well, never say never, it's starting to grow on me and I think accessories like bracelets adds a lot of personality and live to individuals. I love Miansai, I think their accessories are masculine and fantastic.
I've seen their collection in Bangkok, Melbourne and Seoul but it's disappointing that the collections are so limited in each. They offer online shopping but the shipping cost is just too much.

my Navy Miansai with 2 other bracelets I got from Bangkok