Wednesday, September 25, 2013


One of any sophisticated gentlemen must-have watches is no other than the Reverso. I like how the model name - Reverso, brand is strong enough to be mentioned on its own and immediately associated with the historic Jaegar-LeCoultre brand among the well-educated watch lovers. 

I have been craving for the Reverso Ultra Thin - Tribute to 1931 edition. The watch is divine, oozes sophistication while being minimalistic and sleek. I have not seen the watch in person but from photos, it has caught my attention and I can only imagine seeing it in person will make me succumb and hand over my credit card immediately, something I'm not yet ready to do....for financial reasons. 

With the Tribute 1931, JLC also released a "Rouge" version, which after researching, was how the original Reverso was presented, in red enamel. Photos are from Hodinkee, my favourite watch blog. Now out of a sudden, I have a strong liking to the Rogue version, but I need to see the watch in person to make a decision, Currently I am very much in love with the US Edition, limited edition with vintage hands. 

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