Saturday, December 22, 2012

Japan 2012

I was in Japan & Korea three weeks ago, it's no secret Japan is my favourite country in the world. No other country in the world where I've travelled gave me the same feeling as Japan. In Japan, everything is perfection - their attention to detail and desire to make anything ceremonious is truly admirable. Every time I arrive in Japan, my first must-do spot is Ginza!
Only in Japan, you find artisan dedicated their lives to making perfect shoes and shoes selling for $700-900 a pop. 

Window display at Barney's New York at Ginza. 

Roof top cafe break. Yums! 

My favourite department store at Ginza- Matsuya Ginza had a fair with a disco twist with Hermes scarves.

Over the top but tasteful decor Bvlgari at Ginza

Hiroshima is one of the cities on my must-visit list and I've been fortunate enough to travel there this time around for work. I asked the taxi driver to stop by the Hiroshima Memorial Dome on the way to dinner and had a walk around. This structure was left as it is after the first ever atomic bomb was dropped on human mankind. The feeling was eerie and you can't help but reflect on the devastation it has caused to the people then and to this day. 

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