Thursday, April 25, 2013


I have to admit India was never in my bucket list of places to visit - but don't you love it when you get to visit a place you never thought of visiting? The spontaneousity brings all the excitement in life.

I get to stay at The Leela Kempinski - Gurgaon in Delhi and I have to say it is the best hotel I've stayed in. The staff were meticulously groomed and interior handsome and chic. The Leela has hosted numerous notable guests such as Julia Roberts, David Cameron to Dalai Lama.

Love the geometric marble floor

The shower is quite spectacular - the rain shower is indeed a proper rain shower - it pours like a storm. 

The Hotel is home for one of the best Italian restaurant in Delhi, heck I live in Melbourne where Italian culture is plentiful but India is the place where I had my best Italian meal. 

 Entrance to the Taj

 Seeing Taj Mahal in person is quite a surreal experience, even though you have seen this image a thousand times in brochures, TV or magazine, nothing can prepare you as you see the building in person. It's true architectural genius work - a splendid piece of art, and a well-deserved title as the wonder of the world. It's attention to detail and perfect symmetric and its white marble against the serene sky line just makes the whole thing - perfection.   What makes it more amazing was in the midst of poverty and chaos in Agra - lies this majestic mausoleum.

India in its nature is very design centric and to imagine the entire thing was built and carved out of white marble is just amazing.

 Agra Fort is a landmark not to missed as well - It's pretty spectacular and is just 20+km from the Taj. I have not seen anything quite like it.

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