Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Master Bedroom

I used to dislike my bedroom. I hated the $800 kilim rug that I bought thinking it was a mistake and it looked dirty and old.  The rug used to be under the bed and it looked small and unattractive. I hated the length of the drapes and I was kicking myself for not measuring it correctly. It's crazy how a bit of accessorising and rearranging can transform the look of the whole room. Anything ugly or unattractive can be made right with the right accents and arrangements. 

First of all, I rescued back my ex dining table slash ex garage workshop table and brought it back to my room to be used as a writing table. I accented it with a chair that used to have no purpose. I added a stripy pillow to connect the strips of the rug.  I moved the rug from the bed to anchor a smaller space. I added a floor lamp with matching shades to match the side bed lamps. (they are from Ikea, shhh..)
Finally, I put some art on the wall - a painting I bought from the Philippines and on the other side two smaller frames which I bought from Vancouver & San Francisco to give a sense of scale to offset the bigger head board. 

I love my room now, if you can see the balcony, I also added some hanging basket with red flowers. It makes the place look more welcoming and very European. I have seen red flowers being used a lot by balconies in Europe. Here's my inspiration, town hall in Munich. I'm not saying my house looks like this amazing gothic building - just that I have obtained this tiny inspiration to be added to my house. 

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