Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tavern Los Angeles

I am a big fan of Million Dollar Decorator on Bravo. I have watched the episodes repeatedly, I hope they come back for a second season. One of my favourites was Jeffrey Alan Marks. The restaurant, Tavern he designed was featured on the show so I made a mental note as a wish list of mine to visit it if i ever go to LA again (not that I go there often).

I was supposed to be on transit in San Francisco when my flight in Melbourne was delayed for 7 hours, causing me to miss my connection to SF. Air New Zealand has diverted me to Los Angeles with a layover of 12 hours. Long story short, I was beyond pissed because I had to unnecessarily transit in Chicago and then to Orlando. I had no jacket for Chicago weather.

Well, when life give you lemon, make lemonade. That's what I did. I booked into a hotel in Santa Monica (because that is the only area I'm familiar with in LA) and coincidentally from my iPhone Google's map. Tavern in Brentwood was not that far away. It took me 15 minutes to walk there and being in the restaurant was a surreal experience. All that I have seen on TV, I was experiencing it at that moment.

interior did not disappoint


my main, apparently a Tavern Specialty - something chicken. I did not like it, tasted way too salty.

Appetizer was good, pistachio nuts with orange pieces.

my cocktail - Tavern on the Green.

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